A Welcoming Community

Jesus didn't turn people away Neither do we

On the national level

We have a quite a history of diversity in our leaders.

When the Presidential Executive Order banned immigration from several Muslim-majority nations, many of our leaders spoke out against the order, including our Bishop, Mark Hollingsworth.

Having previously issued statements condemning the North Carolina transgender restroom law, Bishop Curry spoke out strongly when an Executive Order banned transgender persons from the military.

On the local level

We are a small (about 40 on an ordinary Sunday) church in a small Ohio city, so our congregation looks a lot like our surroundings. Look more closely, though, and you will see a lot of diversity.

Chances are, you will fit in here.

Taking part in Eucharist

If you have been baptized in any Christian tradition, you are welcome to take part in Communion. Don't worry if you don't know the "right" way to do it—just watch what is going on and we will help you.

If you don't feel comfortable joining us at the altar rail, that's OK too. Nobody will make a big deal of it.

coffee urn

Two other St. Matthew's traditions

As a visitor, you will run into two traditions that might surprise you.

About halfway through the morning service, everything stops while we shake hands with one another—and because we are a small group, you can shake hands with nearly everyone in the room. If you're a newcomer, you will get greeted by several people, and they will remember you next week.

The other tradition is our coffee hour. It's more like a full lunch, and you are certainly welcome. You are our guest, so don't feel embarrassed that you didn't bring anything or that you weren't prepared to drop any money in the donations box. This is our treat.